Missionaries of SCC

Alesha Nutter

Born and raised in small town Wisconsin, I spent most of my life searching for something to give my life meaning. In 2007, I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and that is where Jesus radically got a hold of my life and my heart! It has been a constant journey of sanctification; Jesus healing me, delivering me from the chains of my past, and shaping my character to better reflect Him. Along the way, I fell in love with sharing the Hope of Jesus with others and the idea of "life on life" with people; allowing them to see the good, the bad, but ultimately, the true Hope Jesus brings in all seasons. I've been to 20 different countries and none of them have captured my heart like the beautiful country and people of Latvia.

In 2011, God took me to Latvia and a year later I was serving full time with a local church, Dieva Majas. I spent 7 years faithfully serving the youth through the church and an organization called History Makers. God called me back to the States in January 2020. During these 3 years, God has healed me, equipped me, and prepared me to go back to Latvia and continue the work He started with Dieva Majas church in Liepaja. I’ll be discipling youth and women to help them see freedom is possible and that God wants to use their story for His Kingdom!